We are an indoor based tennis and fitness facility catering to children and their families...


An infusion of Tennis, Fitness, Music, Sports Science and Fun...


Every class is crafted to your little ones exploring mind. Activity, fitness, engagement and entertainment is constant.


An Experience Not A Game

"Tiny Tennis...

Where kids become players and players become friends"

Head Pro/Co-Founder

Steve Joyner

 Tiny Head Pro 

An Infusion Of Tennis, Fitness, Sports Science, Technology And Fun!!!

My Name is Steve Joyner and I am the Head Tennis Pro @ Tiny Tennis.


My wife and I started T2 because we have an interest for the game as well as an infinity for Style, Technology and Sports Science. Our passion is with the little ones. We have created a one of a kind tennis experience that is age appropriate, affordable and fun.


With my knowledge, fun attitude and passion for teaching children your little will learn, make friends and have an awesome time!!! 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.